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My Stats


 44 yrs old

(I feel 29 Forever) 

NOV 23rd 1974

5'3 short

Greenish-Blue Eyes

 Long Light Blonde 

Very Soft 


   Curvy Full Figured Woman

    Tanned Soft Skin




♥ I am as real as they get and real natural curves, MILF!

Love to do Lots stuff I mean shows, movies, theater, dinners, sports, hiking, fishing, travel so much more!

Some of my most favorite outings are Horseback riding, Charter Fishing boat trip, Trip to Maui, Cruise Trips and

just hanging around Las Vegas gambling, dinners and overnights!

I enjoy men &woman I dont judge gender!

Everyone I meet, adds to my life experience! Makes me a better human. Hopefully our future is going to be brighter!  

I want all of you to know, if I've had a chance to meet you and you entered my life that Ill  keep a piece of you in my heart!♥

♥Hearts are my symbol because I truly care for people, animals and the environment, but I still love to eat meat & go fishing!!

 Steak med rare girl HERE!

Thanks again for visiting my website and thank you for taking interest in me..

Looking forward to becoming long lasting amazing friends! ♥









♡Kat Kovell♡
Las Vegas, NV
5' 3"
A few
Gifts, Mature, respectful people, Sense of humor, Sophistication, Executive/senior manager clients, Fine dining, Chocolates, Champagne, Good wines, Successful businessmen, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Well-groomed, Punctual, Gamblers, poker players
Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Clients who are late, Bad attitude, Body odor, Unshowered guests, Bad manners, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up
PayPal, Cash only
Men, Women, Couples
Craps,Poker,Black Jack, Slots, etc.
Overnights,hiking,dinner,horseback riding,fishing,camping,travel
Weed dispensaries, foodie, nature/museums